The Colonial Burden of the Caribbean

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) Poster
Omeros playing at the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival with Joseph Marcell from the Shakespeare Globe in 2016
Closeup of the first map in Alonso de Santa Cruz Islario in the Biblioteca Nacional de España, available at World Digital Library. Just in the same way as indigenous place names were erased from the geography of the Caribbean, Santa Cruz authorship was paradoxically scraped from the front page of his treatise, as the next Cartographer of the King, Andrés García de Céspedes, tried to appropriate the unpublished Atlas.
The island of St. Christophers, alias St. Kitts. By H. Moll Geographer, 1736. Bloody Point is located in the Southern Coast, between the Brimston Hill Fort and Basseterre. Rumsey Map Collection Image number 5580057.
HonInsulae Canibalium: The Europeans as victims, flee to their ships as they are attacked by Carib indians, who feast on human meat in their island. Honorius Philoponus (1621) at the John Carter Brown Library,
The Spanish tyranny in the west indies, by Simon de Vries (1684) at the John Carter Brown Library, F682 V982c.
Nigritae exhaustis venis metallicis consiciendo saccharo operam dare debent. Theodoro de Bry. 1595.



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Alberto Diaz-Cayeros

Alberto Diaz-Cayeros

Mexicano orgulloso, migrante renuente. Economista ITAM y Politólogo Duke. Senior Fellow en CDDRL y Director Centro Estudios Latinoamericanos Stanford University